• Words From Our Students

    "I have Superpowers in my breath to help me make good choices and be kind"."

    -Peaceful Warrior, Third Grade


    "I love yoga because it helps me find space to relax"

    -Peaceful Warrior, Third Grade


    "Breathing can support you by helping your mind flow easier. Breathing can also help you stay focused, even on the hardest things in life."

    -Peaceful Warrior, High School


    "When I do yoga, it makes me feel like I'm on a different planet. It makes you have a positive attitude, and when you have a positive attitude you can inspire others."

    -Peaceful Warrior, Fifth Grade


    "Breathing helps you to stay calm and focused. It slows you down and allows you to make time for yourself, to stop worrying, and let go.

    -Peaceful Warrior, Sixth Grade


    "I love meditation because after you understand everything on earth better than ever and know why you're alive."

    -Peaceful Warrior, Sixth Grade


    "I learned to be mindful of others and my actions. I do poses at home to help me relax."

    -Peaceful Warrior, Sixth Grade


    "I learned that patience and being focused is not only important in yoga, but in life as well."

    -Peaceful Warrior, Seventh Grade


  • Words From Our Educators


    Youth were truly able to discover something they hadn't before; youth were able to use their experiences in yoga and connect them to other experiences in their lives.

    -Sean Tate, Founder and Executive Director of Discovery Fest

    Students loved it! There was a buzz around school from the students participating and other students wanting to join... I think that it made them feel really special to have a private class and an outlet for some of their energy.

    -School Leader



    "Student's felt heard by the adults. These students indicated that they needed help and appeared to feel relief that someone responded to that call. Each participant was proud to attend."

    -School Leader


    "Project Peaceful Warriors did yoga with our 3rd grade students to decrease anxiety for standardized testing. Her class management skills and her ability to keep the students engaged was admirable. She also left great tips for us to reinforce what she taught!"


    -School Social Worker